Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sherlock, anime, anti-heroes, and Marnie Rome

I'm answering questions over at My Bookish Ways today. Look out for some of my darkest secrets, including how I made Sherlock bleed all over John Watson...
When I found out that Someone Else’s Skin would be published, I phoned up my friend Anna (to whom the book is dedicated) and we screamed like schoolgirls.
The picture is of the US audiobook version, read by Justine Eyre and available from Tantor.

US readers can buy the Penguin paperback here, or in good indie bookshops like Sunriver.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Someone Else's Skin is published in the US today

My sister, who encouraged me to write stories when we were both small, reminded me that we used to stand in bookshops and say of the shelves, 'One day, my books will be there...' I was in love with the little penguin in its orange oval, so she would add a footnote to my yearning: 'He'll be on your books one day.'

Today is that day: 24 June 2014. Penguin is publishing Someone Else's Skin, and introducing Marnie Rome to American readers. I hope they like her as much as UK readers do. Thank you, Penguin, for dreams come true.

US readers can buy Someone Else's Skin online here, or from bookshops like Sunriver where it's a Staff Pick.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Book Lovers Supper Club with Sophie Hannah

Very excited about the next stop on my book tour, which will be in Ditchling near Brighton on 18 June with Sophie Hannah. I interviewed Sophie a while ago, never thinking that I might one day be doing an event with her. And supper, and wine. What more could you want? The event is nearly sold out but if you're quick you might be able to grab a ticket.