Wednesday 21 November 2012

Geeked Magazine (in good shops now)

It makes me very happy to blog about the inaugural print edition of Geeked magazine, a funky, thoughtful and provocative new venture that's packed with style, plus two pieces of my flash fiction illustrated beautifully by the very talented Gavin Read. You can flick through the mag online, here. Or, better yet, buy it in good bookshops like Foyle's.
Porn is like Pot Noodle. There’s really nothing to it, no substance, until you fetch up with the boiling water. I’ve tried explaining this to my husband, who prides himself on his tolerance for my chosen career but secretly wishes his wife didn’t earn her keep writing screenplays for people with names like Victor Stallion or Stormy Blue.

CyberCandy sells Twinkies, and Rainbow Twizzlers. It has Hostess Ding Dongs in boxes of 24, good for up to a fortnight past the sell-by date if they're stored in cool dark conditions. 'Cool dark conditions.' I love that. If I had a computer, I'd never leave the house; CyberCandy's online, ships direct to your door. I've lived in London all my life, was raised on sherbet fountains and dib dabs, liquorice shoelaces, blackjacks and jelly wellies. These days I'd rather a Ding Dong than just about anything else.

"Porn is like Pot Noodle" can be found on page 72. On page 74 is "Cyber Candy". Enjoy!