Thursday 28 August 2014

Someone Else's Skin in the Richard & Judy Book Club

I'm finally able to share the news I've been keeping secret for the last few weeks. Someone Else's Skin, which is out in paperback in the UK today, is one of eight books picked for the R&J autumn book club. This means there are two versions of the paperback, one of which is exclusive to R&J and on sale only in WH Smith, with special extra material including a police interview with Marnie Rome, and a Q&A with me. You can read what Richard and Judy thought of the book, here. I was chuffed by Richard's summing up: "deftly takes apart human life at its darkest and most cruel. An excellent recipe for an excellent thriller." You can read the Q&A here. To read the police interview with Marnie, well, you'll have to pop into WH Smith and buy the book (please). I had a very exciting day in London on Tuesday, being interviewed on the sofa by Richard and Judy, for the podcast which will be available to listen to online soon.

As if this wasn't excitement enough, Someone Else's Skin is published in Sweden today, by Minotaur.  You can buy it here.

It really has been an amazing few months, and I'm still pinching myself, in gratitude and amazement. Huge thanks to everyone who reads this blog and who's cheered me on my journey thus far.