Monday, 11 February 2008

Bits and pieces

I'm delighted to be making my debut in Literary Mama this morning, with my story, A Thistle Harvest. A new venue is always exciting, and this is a tough one to break into from all accounts.

Enthusiastic acceptances are rare enough, but when they come from a famously choosy venue, they're extra special. I got an immediate response from the lovely Robin at Boston Literary Magazine to my flash, Don't give me that face, and it cheered me up no end: "Yeah, baby! We'd love to snap this one up, thanks!!! And thanks for the bio. You've been busy!" When I told her that she'd made my rotten week a little better, she sent a slice of virtual chocolate cake to cheer me up. What a sweetheart!

Last but not least, my story, Would Like to Meet, is up at Every Day Fiction today. Please drop by and read it, and comment, if you have the time.


TitaniaWrites said...

I remember The Thistle Harvest, I love this story! Congrats on a good week of acceptances and publications, and it's only Monday!


Sarah Hilary said...

Thanks, Tania! It was partly your reaction to the story that encouraged me it was good enough to send to Literary Mama.