Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Land of the Living

I'm reading Nicci French's Land of the Living at the moment, and really enjoying it. I read as a writer, and just now as an aspiring crime writer, and this book is ticking all the boxes. It's tightly plotted but very simply and cleanly, and so compelling that I resent the time spent away from it. I'll post again when I'm finished to give my thoughts on the thing as a whole, but as of now it's one of the most 'useful' novels I've read in terms of honing my own craft.


Anne Brooke said...

I love Nicci French - she's so good! Or rather they are!



Sarah Hilary said...

Yes it's weird they're a couple. I wonder how they decide who writes which bits? Anyway, Land of the Living is just excellent - I'm about 10 pages from the end (had to break for supper) and it's gripped me from start to finish. I even intend to re-read it, to analyse just what made it work so well. Which of their others would you recommend me to read next?