Friday, 23 January 2009

This week in retrospect

Several funny things have happened since I last blogged. I was headhunted for a job with 'foreign travel opportunities' (this is funny because I have to be put in an arm lock to be persuaded to leave the house most days, what with wanting to write and all). I was solicited by a TV company who'd found this blog and wanted to me to mention their new crime series (more on this in a moment), funny because who knew this blogging lark put it about so much? I was inspired by this news story to write a satirical flash about science. I was given an extension on the state of (blissful) ignorance that precedes the rejection of a novel by an agent, owing to deadlines and holidays. Not really funny but better than getting the punch in the gut right now. I was disappointed by Hugh Bonneville's character in TV series, Hunter, having been promised a stoic, quiet and detached man only to get the usual office stomper who shouts at his team to 'Get results!' Still, Janet McTeer made a ballsy change to the usual petite blonde they like to team up with these chaps. Oh and the latest Bond rocked. No gadgets. No quips. Rooftop chase in Siena. Loved it.

So, what have you all been up to, I wonder?


Nik's Blog said...

Nothing as exciting as you! Fingers still crossed for the novel...


Sarah Hilary said...

Thanks, Nik. Goes to show, too, how the same events viewed sideways can look eventful, even exciting. At the time it didn't feel like that!