Monday, 18 May 2009

Flash forward

My writing buddy, Gay Degani, is doing a terrific job of pulling together sparks of wisdom from writers of flash fiction over at the EDF blog, Flash Fiction Chronicles. Recent gems have included advice on writer's block (if indeed it exists) and nuggets on skill, talent and ideas. There are links to writing prompts and useful websites. The feature I like best is the weekly round-up which summarises recent discussions and provides links to them for ease of reference. Perfect short-cut for the busy flasher. Check out the blog for lots of tips and lively debate among writers and readers of flash.


Gay Degani said...

Thank YOU!! I love being linked to Crawl Space!

Sarah Hilary said...

I'm in awe of your stamina, Gay. I find it hard enough to find material for my own blog, and here's you managing the compilation of the EDF one, and your own, and finding time to write too. You're a marvel.