Tuesday, 5 October 2010

This time of year

I'm always at my best in the Autumn. All the things we're meant to feel in Spring - refreshed, awake - I get at this time of year. Plus I love the colours of Autumn, and the textures (nubby tweed and Shetland wool and frothy alpaca...). Oh and there's Christmas at the end of it all, which still manages to make me happy and not frazzled, mainly because I avoid the high-end trappings and concentrate on indulgences, curling up with good books and people. I feel I might start writing something new (a short story, maybe a flash) in a week or so. But for now I'm reading (Toby Litt) and walking and enjoying having not very much to do and the space in which to do it. Happy Autumn, bloggers!

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