Thursday, 21 June 2012

International Short Story Day

Yesterday was International Short Story Day, and I had great fun collaborating with Stella Duffy, Tony White, Nicholas Blincoe, Maria Roberts and Calum Kerr, to come up with Dealing Honesty. The story was written in real time, with each of us allocated an hour to contribute 400 words, passing the baton as we went. I think the finished result is pretty damn smooth, given that six people pulled it together, against the clock. Teams in South Africa were also writing collaboratively. You can read their stories here. If you haven't already tried co-writing (think of Consequences, that game from childhood) I recommend you give it a go - terrific fun and a great way to kick your creativity into a higher gear.

International Short Story Day is being extended in my neck of the woods, so I can continue cheerleading at Ragged Stone in Portishead tonight, where I'm reading my stories and flash fiction as part of their Open Mic session. How're you all celebrating?

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