Thursday, 18 October 2012

Geeked: The Pheasant Feather Hat

I'm delighted to have my story, The Pheasant Feather Hat, in the first ever issue of Geeked, a new magazine that's both intriguing and provocative. Best of all, my story's been illustrated by the hugely talented Gavin Read, who blogged about the artistic process here. You can read my story - and see Gavin's full illustrations - by checking out Geeked's mini mag online. I'm on pages 34-35. And check out the rest of the magazine, which goes into print in November. You can support the venture here.

The Pheasant Feather Hat

She wore white, of course. A vision, isn’t that what they say? She was a vision. Her bouquet complemented his buttonhole. Lemon blossom for fidelity, sorrel for affection. She provided little cards so we would know exactly what was signified by the arrangement she held to her bosom. A marble shelf, her bosom, thanks to the frock. Sepulchre in satin.

‘All flowers and plants,’ she divulged,‘have special meanings.’

Fidelity and affection. Lovely copperplate printing in the card, very black and emphatic. When it came time for the tossing I stood aside, taking refuge beneath the brim of my hat. All you could see of my face was the smile I’d painted there in lipstick: Rum Kiss.

Read on (pages 34-35)


Tania Hershman said...

Ooh, what an intriguing beginning! Am off to support Geeked!

Sarah Hilary said...

Do! It's a fun new magazine - I've got two more pieces of flash in the print edition. Chuffed to bits.

Tania Hershman said...

Just had a loos at the minimag, your piece looks amazing, gorgeous illustrations!

Sarah Hilary said...

Beautiful, isn't it? And the same illustrator is doing my two flashes in the print mag!