Friday, 2 August 2013

You Heard It Here Second

The Last Properly Shaved Man in Britain (not my words but those of MC Beaton), Jake Kerridge, has written a properly excellent round-up of the magic and mayhem that is the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival for Shots Mag.

Find out who won the coveted Shirt-Most-Likely-To-Be-Seen-From-Mars Award! Don't find out who won the Harrogate Quiz! Learn Jake Kerridge's biggest regret! And place bets now for the likelihood of Stav Sherez heading up a cosy crime panel...!

(The only thing missing is the story of Barry (Barrington) Forshaw's early exploits as an illustrator for my favourite girl's comics. But I expect Jake (Jake) Kerridge preferred to draw a veil.)

Otherwise, it's all here, including the various excuses dreamt up by those in the know to address thorny questions like How Crime Writer, Why Crime Writer? It's either because we're all deranged misfits living miserable existences, or we're very, very nice. Take your pick. And be glad you were given a choice.

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