Saturday, 5 July 2014

Someone Else's Skin in The Times

Today's editing was improved ten-fold by an excellent review from Marcel Berlins in his Top Summer Crime Books page of The Times. Alongside Stephen King, Tom Robb Smith, John Connolly, Harlan Coben and more, including Maigret-creator, Georges Simenon. Here's what he said:
"A superb debut and an impressive new cop-heroine, modern, passionate and mixed-up. DI Marnie Rome bears the psychological scars of both her parents being knifed to death by a teenager living in their house. She and her sidekick arrive at a women's refuge to conduct a routine interview. They come across one of the residents stabbing the husband from whom she was escaping. Rome investigates, then there's a disturbing disappearance from the refuge. The horror of domestic violence is the thread that runs through the novel, coupled with the failure of the justice system to deal with it."

As I say, the hard task of editing Marnie Rome book two became a lot less onerous after reading that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, Just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award –
Fiona x

Sarah Hilary said...

Thank you, Fiona, that's very kind!