Sunday, 29 June 2008

A little progress

I managed to write yesterday. The novel stands at 95,000 words, a whisker away from being finished. I have one more scene to write and then the first draft is done and the fun of editing begins. I used to hate editing, suffered all the traditional hang-ups about slaughtering my offspring, sweated blood over every word, but it's amazing the difference it makes to have solid faith in the story and the characters. I'm not convinced I'm telling the story right just yet, I think I could do better justice to it, but I'm ready to wield the red pen in the interests of getting there.

I had a couple of flashes accepted this week, one of which is published already and can be read here. The other was an oddity I wrote for Every Day Fiction, home to my most popular flash ever, and will be published on 8 July.

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