Sunday, 8 August 2010

Red meat, leafy greens and Sherlock

I'm on a quest for iron-rich foods, prompted by my GP. Apparently it wouldn't take much to tip me into anaemia. So I shall be after the darkest of dark chocolates, the reddest of meats and possibly some buttered spinach with nutmeg and ground ginger. Yum. Thus fortified, I hope to get back the attention span necessary to see the rest of the novel through. In other news, I've been enjoying Sherlock on BBC1. The final of three episodes is tonight at 9pm, but it's all available on the BBC's iPlayer via their website. I'm a huge fan of the Holmes stories, and resisted watching this "modern adapatation" at first. But the use of Victorian locations around London, the score, the editing and lighting - it's all beautifully done, suspended at the exact spot between light-hearted tribute and dark pathos, thanks in huge part to Martin Freeman as Watson, a performance that's worthy of a BAFTA for my money. He's funny, compassionate, quiet, observant, interesting and layered. Everything you could want in a hero. Benedict Cumberbatch is suitably insufferable as Holmes, but it's Freeman who steals the show. Do watch this, if you aren't already hooked.


Tania Hershman said...

I couldn't agree with you more about Sherlock, I'm only sad that it isn't a whole series, am so enjoying Benedict C and Martin F, absolutely brilliant!

Re iron, I recommend Floradix, liquid iron, great stuff - but dark chocolate's pretty good too!

Sarah Hilary said...

Ooh thanks for the Floradix rec - I'd not heard of that.

I'm so glad you're a Sherlock fan, too. All my best friends are loving it!