Tuesday, 17 July 2012

An interview about Pangea and writing goals

Every Day Fiction Chronicles are hosting a week of interviews with Pangea authors who also write flash fiction. Yesterday, Vanessa Gebbie and Oonah Joslin talked about what inspired their stories in the anthology. Today, it's my turn.
 “LoveFM” was written in response to a contest with the theme, ‘the summer of love’. I knew I didn’t want to write a love story (I’m a bit perverse in that respect) so I set out to write a story which turned the idea of love and romance on its head. In “LoveFM”, the narrator is in love, but not with his girlfriend. The story involves Elvis and a trailer park, and is more than a little twisted.
Tomorrow, Pangea will be guesting over at Nokia Connects, a blog with amazing global reach (over eight million 'likes' on Facebook, 300,000 followers on Twitter - my head spins just reading those statistics) to which Joel Willans (another Pangea author) is a regular contributor.

The full list of the blog tour is here.

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