Saturday, 17 June 2017

Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival 2017

Very excited to be appearing at Theakstons again this year, with Mark Billingham, Steve Mosby, Belinda Bauer and Melanie Raabe. From the programme:

"How did they think of THAT…? Unpick the criminal masterminds behind the bestsellers. Known for being an all-round lovely chap, Festival favourite Mark Billingham chairs a panel who are also rather lovely. So what inspires their murderous meanderings? Unpick the ‘dark mind’ behind the charming fa├žade of Sarah Hilary whose brutal but deeply moral books have garnered awards and acclaim. Steve Mosby, the tattoo’d crusader, does disturbing brilliantly. He studied philosophy and did a series of admin jobs (Excel spreadsheets can drive you to murder) before writing full time. The Independent said of award-winning Belinda Bauer that she took ‘the psychological thriller into new territory’. That says something in a well-trod ground. Where does she get her ideas? Finally, get ensnared with Melanie Raabe, the unique premise of her in-demand debut The Trap caused a stir amongst Hollywood producers."

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