Friday, 27 June 2008

Sheep were still asleep

This week has been a total wash-out as far as writing goes. I am half-asleep and unable to reconnect with the novel despite scribbling notes on the train journeys. It's always a scary thing, the fear that you'll lose the thread, the plot or the point. I could have finished the novel this week, left to my own devices. Now I think it's going to take me a week just to get back into the mindset.


Tania Hershman said...

Blimey, I am impressed with your dedicated to your work... 4am? Sheep asleep? That reminds me of the time, every now and then, when I wake up before the cats, and I pass them by on my way to the kettle and they open one eye and give me that look as if to say, What on earth are you doing, uncivilized human?

I'm sure you haven't lost your thread, who knows how low carbon economies might play into your novel.. or the next one!

Sarah Hilary said...

Dedication be damned - I was issued with an ultimatum: be there or else! At least it gave me a chance to see the Tate Modern before it crowded out with visitors. Amazing place. Industrial cathedral.