Sunday, 7 June 2009

Don't Twitter, SHUSH

Dear me, I love Hugh Laurie. Interviewed by Jonathan Ross on Friday night, he maintained his dignity, was humble and funny and gently wary of Ross (in the manner of an intelligent man confronted by a small, sly snake of little brain). Asked whether he was on Twitter, Hugh replied, "No, I don't Twitter. I Shush." Finger on lips. "Shhhush. I belong to the Silence Network." On his physique, having to keep in shape for House: "I'm whip-cord taut." On his approaching fiftieth birthday: "Thanks, thanks. Shucks. It was nothing."

This man has talent by the bucket-load. As fans of House will attest, his acting is a revelation, subtle, layered, always surprising. Plus he can write. And he's funny and smart and humble. Not to mention the fact that he's musical, can play piano, guitar, harmonica - you name it.

I'm in awe of multi-talented individuals. As someone who's still mastering her one talent, I envy those who combine literary skill with artistic ability. My writing buddy, Gay Degani, is an artist and makes fabulous jewellery on the side. Pat Jourdan, whose short stories blow my socks off, is an artist of the Liverpool school.

Hats off to the multi-talented. And long live the sublime Mr Laurie.

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