Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Burial of the Bells

I'm lucky enough to be Read of the Day over at Every Day Fiction today with my flash, Burial of the Bells, another story inspired by the Far Eastern prison camp where my family were interned during the Second World War. This started life as a story written for a quick challenge over at the Fiction Workhouse earlier in the year. A fellow Workhouser, Joel Willans, has a story at EDF later this week. The editors, Camille and Jordan, do a terrific job of choosing stories and encouraging writers. If you've not checked out the site recently, you should. And please pop across today to read Burial of the Bells. You can rate it out of five stars (point your cursor at the star you think it deserves, from 1 to 5, then click). Better still, please leave a comment. Thank you!


Walt Giersbach said...

As a side note to my comment on EDF, Sarah, my one-time girlfriend was interned in Japan as a baby. (Her parents named her "Rita" from the list of approved names they were given.) And many of my family's friends were missionaries in China during the Japanese expansion.

Credit to you for fictionalizing a historical event. It's tough, and your story fell just a teensie bit shy of being a "Five." But I thought enough of it to jot off this note. Be well
--Walt Giersbach

Sarah Hilary said...

Thanks, Walt, I'm touched that you would pop across and leave this note. Imagine being named from an approved list - poor baby Rita. There are so many stories, most of them untold, from those prison camps.