Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Energy tips, please!

Please don't tell me to lag my pipes. I don't need those sorts of tips. What I need is ways to make myself feel like less of a zombie (I love zombies but I don't want to feel like one; I want to be the zippy-on-her-feet heroine who's handy with a shovel and stays alive). Healthy breakfasts? Exercise? I'm walking to work twenty minutes, briskly, every day, but once there I'm desk-bound. I have a latte most mornings, and would consider cutting back on that if it would help (caffeine, qua caffeine, feels necessary but it doesn't seem to wake me up). Does drinking water have any effect other than making trips to the loo necessary? (At least it would get me up from my desk.) Should I be munching seeds? But would I then have to check my teeth every two minutes for what's lodged there? As you can tell, I'm flagging. Any and all tips most welcome.


Jenzarina said...

Oh, it's such a hard time of year, Sarah.

My tips:
1) cut out dairy products altogether and cut down on caffine (drink white tea intead, available from supermarkets and full of antioxidents and good things).

2) Excercise in the early evening, if possible. Even a ten minute run can help. Try to raise your pulse rate to more than a comfortable walking pace.

3) Cut out alcohol (even harder with darker evenings!)

4) Try and get sunlight at lunch time.

5) Emigrate to your own tropical island. Definately on my 'to do' list!

Sarah Hilary said...

Thanks, Jen! I'm not sure I could cut out dairy all together (I love my latte) but I don't drink alcohol (well, hardly ever) so I get a headstart on that one. I tjink I like 5) best. Maybe we could share an island with a few writer friends? As long as we all respected one another's writing space...!

sonia said...

Drinking more water made me feel much livelier but I love my cups of tea.

Sarah Hilary said...

Sonia, I'm with you. Water tastes much nicer with tea in it.

Jenzarina said...

I'm so bad at taking my own advice as I sit here with my full-caffine, milky yummy tea.

I thought of iron supplements, too.

The island would have to have a bar where we can all meet in the evening. And a chocolate vending machine. And little thatched huts to live/work in. And high speed internet so we can faff. And a weekly tea and biscuit delivery!

Ah, when my teenage wizzard/hot young vampire series gets sold to Hollywood maybe I'll buy one.

Just noticed caffeine has an 'e' in it. Who knew?

Sarah Hilary said...

Jen, I like your island more and more. And with all that sand about we'd never be short of house-work excuses for when we're blocked..!