Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Wouldn't it be lovely if this rain turned to snow?

I know, I know. It would be lovely for about three hours and then I'd be complaining about how to climb the hill for my latte. But some of you are lucky enough to have the first snow of Winter already (and did you see the photos of Babbacombe last week?) so it's time for me to break out my seasonal joke. It's surreal, almost Dali-esque. I first heard it from a six year old.

Q. What did one snowman say to the other?

A. "Can you smell carrots?"


Jenzarina said...

That's a great joke! I'll be telling everyone.

My favourite joke to tell to kids:
"How do you get 100 Pikachus on a bus?"

You have to say it out loud and only works if the person has been in touch with Kid Kulture in the last 10 years!

Sarah Hilary said...

I love your joke, Jen! My daughter will love it too, I suspect.

Madeline said...

Ah, snow. Don't miss it at all. :)
It's not sunny here in Florida today but at least it's warm.

Love that joke!

Sarah Hilary said...

Hi Madeline, Florida? Please don't rub it in! It's raining here AGAIN and I've been told that it hardly ever snows because of our proximity to the sea. Now what sort of sense does that make, I ask you?

James Bent said...

The sad thing is that I had to think about that joke for about four seconds before I got it.


Sarah Hilary said...

James, you have a beautiful blog!