Friday, 29 July 2011

Binocular Vision

I fell in love with this short story collection by American author, Edith Pearlman. The new issue of The Short Review carries both an interview with the author and my review, described by Edith as 'Sensitive and appreciative - one of the best I've received'. The following is an extract from one of my favourite stories in the collection:
They were drinking gin out of teacups. Mrs. Hasken was placid. Aunt Laurette grinned under her globe of orange hair. Phoebe was currying her skirt with Nancy's comb. They were not aristocracy after all – only stand-ins.
Tip: you can read one of the stories free online by following the link at the end of my review.


JO said...

What a great description!

Sarah Hilary said...

Hi, Jo. Do look out for Pearlman's stories - they're marvellous!