Friday, 1 July 2011

The Mauve Throw

Very excited today, as my first ebook has been published! It's a short story, The Mauve Throw, which was commended in the Tom-Gallon Trust Award 2011. And it's published on the coolest of cool sites, Shortfire Press. Mariella Frostrup gave Shortfire not one but two plugs on R4's Open Book on Thursday, deservedly so. It's a clean, clear, beautifully understated website. With stories, interviews and a blog. I was guest blogger yesterday, talking about the Authors' Awards. Happily, the Society of Authors liked my guest blog so much they asked permission to link to it from their website. So it's all come together rather splendidly. Better still if one or two readers decide to buy The Mauve Throw, which is available for the princely sum of 99pence, for Kindle, iPhone or as a pdf download. I'm donating all royalties to Cancer Research, and Shortfire Press have very kindly offered to donate their profits on the story to the same cause,so please do consider buying the story. Thank you


Pete said...

Hi Sarah

Bought it twice (wrong format 1st time, doh) so have read it twice.

You must be hearing these two words a lot, but I'll say them anyway: great writing. I felt like a towel twisted tight to get the water out - I was totally in the story's grip throughout, (and never very comfortably).

Looking forward to the novel (and some more discomfort)

All v best

Pete C

Sarah Hilary said...

Hi Pete! Thanks for buying it - twice! - and for the wonderful feedback. And for the best wishes re the novel (definitely plenty of discomfort in that). Hope all is well with you? Best, Sarah said...

Hi Sarah, bought The Mauve Throw and will recommend it on Twitter -- really enjoyed it. M

Sarah Hilary said...

Thank you, Martha. I really appreciate the vote of support.