Tuesday, 28 February 2012

National Flash Fiction Day

The results are in! I was chuffed to be one of the judges for the excellent micro-fiction contest run by National Flash Fiction Day, which has just announced winners and commended entries. Congratulations to all. I hope you know what an amazing thing you did, subbing to a 100-word contest (tough, tough word count), and it was both an honour and a real buzz to read your stories. The winner was The Worst Head in the World by Angela Readman, an amazing flash with imagery I won't forget in a hurry. Judging was a fascinating process, reading nearly 300 short short stories in quick succession and then re-reading, and re-reading, until I could be sure of my choices for the top stories and those commended. I hope I get the chance to be a judge again, as it was a genuinely humbling and enthralling business.


Martha said...

Thanks for reading, Sarah. Glad you enjoyed it!

Sarah Hilary said...

It was a great story, Martha, moving without being sentimental.