Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Voices, and Flash

Absolutely lovely review of the Voices anthology by Alexandra O'Toole, here, in which she's kind enough to say, 'This diverse collection of works is punctuated and tied together by two stories written by established published authors, Sarah Hilary and A.J. Ashworth. Though unique and unrelated, the plots of Hilary’s, emotive elegy, ‘After A Long Illness, Quietly At Home’ and Ashworth’s poignant tale, ‘Eggshells’, share a similar focus: a quiet concentration on the tiny, seemingly insignificant and often intangible details that have made up a life.'

You can find a recording of me reading 'After a Long Illness' over at this site, run by the Voices editor, Sarah Jane Dobbs. And you can buy the anthology here.

In other news, I'm delighted to be the SW Coordinator for National Flash Fiction Day 2012, being held on May 16. I've enjoyed judging the contest run by Calum Kerr, reading over 250 stories of 100 words or less. A treat to see so many people inspired to write flash fiction! If you missed the chance to enter that contest, why not try your hand at the Lancashire Writing Hub's competition, which is free to enter and open until April 20. Stories must be exactly 165 words, but there's no other restriction on style or content. Full details can be found here.

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