Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Elvis in a trailer park

I got my copies of One Step Beyond, the Subatomic anthology which features my story, LoveFM. The books look fantastic, probably the best of any I've been in, funky covers, beautiful typesetting. They spelt my pen-name wrong, Hillary with two 'ells' but what the 'ell, I still love the books.


Gay Degani said...

Way to go. Love that pic of Elvis.

Sarah Hilary said...

It's a great picture, isn't it?

Nik's Blog said...

Fantstic, Sarah - congrats. I had to look again for the pic - missed it first time. It's fab, isn't it?


Sarah Hilary said...

Thanks, Nik! The book is so groovy it's making my eyes hurt. Yeah, baby!

Shameless said...

I love this story so much! Congratulations, Sarah.

Cool, the capcha down there is mrzet.

Mr. Zet. I like it.

Shameless said...


Check out my blog entry about Gay tagging me for the rules if you'd like to play.

Please play!

Sarah Hilary said...

Ta, Kev! Your copy's in the post.

"the capcha down there is mrzet"


Shameless said...

You have a captcha (those random letters) set up on your comment section, so that you don't get spammed.

When I wrote that comment, the random letters I usually have to type in had formed themselves into, Mr. Zet.

If you google capcha, or funny captchas, you'll see more examples of random lettering making words. (usually naughty ones)

Now... Are you going to tell us six quirky things about you?

See, the captcha below this box now is hpazcel. Nothin'.

Mr. Zet is rad.

Shameless said...

Here's a good link:


Sarah Hilary said...

Thanks, Kev, that's cleared it up - love the link! I will share the quirky stuff but it'll have to be next week now as I'm heading off in a bit for the weekend. Have a good one.

Shameless said...

Then have a great weekend!