Thursday, 4 September 2008


Does anyone know how to block a specific "user" from these blogs? I've got a very obvious spammer who keeps posting "comments" (not even a real person, just an auto thing) and I'd like to block/ban based on their "name" without blocking other readers who come here. Any tips?

I've switched on Comment Moderation which means I now have to approve the comments before they appear. I don't like doing this but it looks like the only way unless someone can tell me how to block a specific user?


Tania Hershman said...

I've started to get spam blog comments too, on my blog and The Short Review. Not sure what to do except comment moderation, which is fine, most people do that these days. Can't be too careful!

Sarah Hilary said...

It's tiresome and I hate delaying people from seeing their posts when they're friends etc. There ought to be a way you can filter your legit friends and readers so their comments get posted automatically and only new-comers or strangers need moderating.